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Our Practice Philosophy                 

“It is our passion to create more than just a beautiful smile. Our caring, knowledgeable team also strives to develop lasting relationships and educate our patients while in a comfortable setting.”

What I Enjoy About Orthodontics 

When I first wanted to be an orthodontist, which was in 8th grade, I only considered the “esthetic” side of it. Once in dental school, I realized there is much more to it than just looks. I enjoy giving patients a beautiful, healthy smile - one that is functionally stable over a lifetime. Since creating this smile doesn’t happen overnight, it allows me to get to know our patients, their families, and friends. These relationships are very dear to me, and my staff. Family members and guests can come back into the treatment area at any appointment. We often engage in terrific conversations, allowing our relationships to build at each visit. I also enjoy orthodontics because it gives me the opportunity to continually educate myself with new concepts and trends in this field. I strive to “always be a freshman”, the mantra my orthodontic chairman lived by. 

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We provide a comfortable, casual atmosphere that is non-threatening and very family friendly. Patients are here because they want to be here, which makes our job fun!


My staff has been with me since I started my own practice. They are all natives of Florida.

What Our Staff Enjoys About Orthodontics

“We get to really know our patients. Also, I like the mechanics of orthodontics, working with the wires and all of the peripherals.”

“I like what I do because it’s wonderful to see patients develop a new-found confidence as their smiles improve.”

“I like the openness of the office and the friendly work environment – it’s like our own small community! I also like my co-workers and how well we interact.”